audits & analysis

not sure how your business is stacking up?

We will help you to really get to know your brand, competition, audience, opportunities, and vital statistics.

Kollective Designs offers the following services for you to be able to see where your business is sitting amongst your competitors:

We will analyse your competitors and how your business compares to them. By analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors we can begin to formulate how to give your business an advantage.

We will determine potential advantages and road blocks within your target market and we will then be able to execute new tactics to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

We will analyse your brand’s current position and effectiveness. Creating clarity and providing meaningful insights into the effectiveness of your brand strategy and marketing efforts.

Performing an audit of your brand will give you the necessary information to confirm what is working, identify what is no longer effective, then you can align your tactics and voice to the expectations of your customers and your business strategy.

The only way to outrank competitors is to have a fully functional, optimised website with seamless user experience.
We will analyse your site and provide stats on its performance, as well as provide strategic recommendations to get your site running at full steam.
Each custom audit is delivered to you with your business goals in mind.

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